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Tipster Lakey Gary joined BigTipster.com since 01 Apr 2016.

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I do not have some magic formula, so my strategy is simple: just hard work. As with everything in life, you need be persistent and patient and always try to research matches before you bet. I look first at the statistics of both teams, then research information about injuries and suspensions. The last step is watching live matches or watching highlights after the match. So as you see it requires a lot of work, sometimes it can be boring, sometimes frustrating so we must always remain calm and continue with our work. Betting is also an emotional game, many forget that and sometimes people lose their mind. I always repeat to people if you want be remain a successful tipster you must always be calm and continue to work hard. Even in the worst periods, in bad run, you just need to raise your head and continue betting. In the long term this gives me decent results.

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Tips on Asian Handicap 2443 / 33.18%

Tips on Fixed Odd 2458 / 33.39%

Tips on Total Goals 2461 / 33.43%

Tips on Correct Score 0 / 0%

Tips Win Push Lose odds hits
Lakey Gary 7362 6006 75 1143 2.53 82.42% 3 Tips records
02 Apr 202316:00 LjungskileAatvidaberg Fixed Odd
Full Time
Sweden 3-Ettan SoedraLakey Gary Buy nowusd 95.00 / tip
02 Apr 202317:30 Newcastle UnitedManchester United Asian Handicap
Full Time
England 1-Premier LeagueLakey Gary Buy nowusd 65.00 / tip
02 Apr 202317:30 Gelbison CilentoViterbese Total goal
Italy 3-Serie C Grp. CLakey Gary Buy nowusd 65.00 / tip

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