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Tipster Wook-Soon joined BigTipster.com since 30 Nov 2015.

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I have been around the betting business for the last 7-8 years and I'd say, for the last two year I've done nothing else besides betting and picking tips. I bet on minor (small) football leagues because those leagues are not too much in the focus of all bettors and it is easier to find value than with other popular markets. But on the other hand we have one problem - not much information on the web. Because of that you must work hard to find information but at the end of day, when you see your profit, you are more than satisfied.

There are always going to be ups and downs but at the end of the year I always find a way to finish with a plus. And that is the most important thing., One day or month is just a short period, and I do not give too much attention to these results, but at the end of a longer period, a plus will always come sooner or later.

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Tips on Asian Handicap 2791 / 49.62%

Tips on Fixed Odd 2834 / 50.38%

Tips on Total Goals 0 / 0%

Tips on Correct Score 0 / 0%

Tips Win Push Lose odds hits
Wook-Soon 5625 4773 31 700 2.63 85.32% 1 Tips records
19 May 202419:00 AEK AthensLamia Asian Handicap
Full Time
Greece 1-Super League Championship GroupWook-Soon Buy nowusd 188.00 / tip

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