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Introduction by Naomi Stephens - Tipster Manager of BiGTipster.com

Being part of the BiGTipster tipsters means you can spend your time picking winners whilst we will successfully market your service. We offer an above industry-standard of 30% of all revenue generated from your service. That's before we pay for hosting, advertising, event sponsorships, staff costs and so on. We value each and every one of our tipsters and it's why we offer such a high percentage of the turnover each service generates

What does this mean in real terms though?
Obviously, it all comes down to how profitable the service is you run as, generally speaking, the more profitable the service the higher the number of members that service has. Tipsters generally earn between $3,000 and $4,000 per month with a couple of tipsters now exceeding the $4,000 figure. That's over $48,000 in a year!

You focus on the tips. We focus on everything else.
It's pretty simple. You access to the tipster area everyday to submit your tips. You're completely free to run your service as you see fit. We then handle the rest!

What is the requirement?
When registration we will charge a one time deposit of $1500. This deposit will be kept with us as a member secure deposit. This deposit will be fully refunable when you decide to cancel your tipster account permanently.

Rules and regulation for being a tipster in BiGTipster
1. For inactive account for more than 30 days your account will be suspended and inactivate for more then 60 days your account will be terminate and deposit will be refund to your PayPal account.
2. Tipster must have an either PayPal or Skrill account to receive the revenue sharing. And the account name must match the registered user with BiGTipster.
3. Tipster can promote their website along in BiGTipster tipster profile but the tips records must be exactly as submitted in BiGTipster. Violator will their account close in BiGTipster and deposit will be forfeited.
4. Tipster can only have 1 account with us, violator will their account close in BiGTipster and deposit will be forfeited.
5. Tipster may only submit 1 tip for each game and each betting type. Violator will their account close in BiGTipster and deposit will be forfeited.

How do i collect my sales revenue of 30%?
Every sale revenue is available for withdrawal to your PayPal or Skrill account after 15 days. Please login to your account and click for Balance ----> Balance Available for Withdrawal then enter the amount you wish to withdraw and click submit. Funds will be transfer to your selected account in within 3 working days.

New applicant

For new tipster applicant we will charge a deposit of $1500.

You will be direct to PayPal page for payment now

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