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Tipster Kevin Schulz joined BigTipster.com since 23 Jun 2017.

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My strategy is simple. We just combine hard work and all of the research information available. For choosing picks, I use statistics, injury lists, motivational factors and my betting experience. Motivation, especially, is an important factor in modern sports. All teams are physically and technically prepared today and motivation or mental power is key to success. So, on every pick we must think about motivation and if I see that we have sufficient motivation in our selected team, I place my bets. Other important factors are team news or injury lists. I always check team news before I place bets and if some key players are injured I skip my bet, or if there is a crucial injury on the opposition’s team, I place a higher stake on my team. All these details can make a nice profit long term. Remember betting is not a sprint, betting is a marathon..

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Tips on Asian Handicap 2057 / 33.02%

Tips on Fixed Odd 2079 / 33.38%

Tips on Total Goals 2093 / 33.60%

Tips on Correct Score 0 / 0%

Tips Win Push Lose odds hits
Kevin Schulz 6229 5359 39 715 2.53 86.58% 3 Tips records
08 Dec 202316:00 Al-TaawounAl-Fayha Asian Handicap
Full Time
Saudi Arabia 1-Saudi Professional LeagueKevin Schulz Buy nowusd 190.00 / tip
08 Dec 202318:00 Othellos AthienouApollon Limassol Total goal
Cyprus 1-1. DivisionKevin Schulz Buy nowusd 195.00 / tip
08 Dec 202320:00 Helmond SportMVV Maastricht Fixed Odd
Full Time
Netherlands 2-Eerste DivisieKevin Schulz Buy nowusd 201.00 / tip

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