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World Infamous Betting Experts

The top 3 world famous betting experts

Anyone can place a bet, but not just any soul can easily win. While most casual punters probably make a couple of hundred dollars on a successful bet, there are some individuals out there making millions off each wager.

How they do it, no one but them knows. But there is some method to their madness – intense research and analysis, complex calculations, and statistical comparisons.

Let’s take a look at some of the most infamous betting experts from all around the world:


The Top 3 Betting Experts

What would qualify one as a “betting expert”? If you think “making millions of dollars solely from gambling profits” seems like an apt answer, then take a look at some of the world’s most famous betting experts.


Anthony Grant Bloom

Does the name Tony Bloom ring any bells? Just in case it doesn’t, he owns Brighton Upon Avon FC. But he earns just as much from the sport as some top-flight players.

Bloom owns the much talked about, but incredibly secretive Starlizard, one of the biggest Gambling syndicates in Britain.

Reports claim that the company makes up to £100 million a year.  After a rather stint at the casinos, he took to betting on the Premier League, after which he became one of the most successful punters ever.


Billy Walters

Billy Walters is often regarded as one of the United States most infamous bettors. He was an avid fan of roulette, but his expertise lied in gambling on sports.

Reports claimed that he was so good, some sportsbooks refused to take any of his bets. Walter’s career had a rocky start. He lost tens of thousands of dollars when he just started, and reportedly even lost his house.

But once he started to win, there was no turning back. Since the start of the 1980s, He routinely bet on significant football and basketball competitions, and once won a whopping $3.5 million on a Superbowl bet.

Walters bet for thirty years straight before losing a bet. His fame and power got the best of him, unfortunately. In 2017, he was fined $10 million and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for the involvement in a $43 million insider trading scheme.


Haralabos Voulgaris

Haralabos Voulgaris, affectionately known as Bob the Greek, is another infamous punter that deserves a place on this list. 

The NBA is the competition of his choice. Bob figured out how to beat the bookies from an early age. He was only in his mid-20s when he was making millions by betting on basketball games. Like most other successful punters, Bob was a math whiz.

What sets him apart is his application of behavioral psychology. He would use observational clues to predetermine his next move, constantly scrutinizing various head coaches, etc. to gain a predictive edge. He is considered to be the best punter in the NBA community.

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