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Learn How To Win Football Bet Every Time?

Learn How do win football bet every time Blog

Football betting has become a full-time job almost. The online betting platforms have melted all geographical boundaries and made betting a matter of few clicks on the keyboards of a mobile phone or a laptop. With the best strategies to follow and a user-friendly platform to indulge in betting, winning in football bets has become a more frequent affair. Still, if you want sound advice to win every time you hit the ‘bet’ button, here is a quick guide for you.

Which Bets Are The Easiest To Win?

If you want to win a football bet every time, you must be critical of your bet choices. When betting as a beginner, taking fewer risks is a wise thing to do. Search for those bets that do not demand predicting exact values. Some of such bets worth contemplating are:

  • BTTS: Both Teams to Score. You are simply predicting whether both teams will score or not. The teams’ motivation to win, their previous meeting records, situational analysis, and present form help them predict this outcome comfortably.
  • Over/Under: The bettors are required to predict correctly if the match score total (goals of both teams included) will be above or below a chosen figure or not. If you have followed the teams’ records, insider news, and current form/ match conditions, you can quickly score a win on this bet.
  • 1X2 betting: Some betting markets have included ‘draw’ also as a possibility to bet upon. It is an improvement of Draw No Bet, where bettors got their money back if the match ended in a draw. However, in 1X2 betting, even draw as an outcome allows the bettors to book a win.

These are some of the most bet upon outcomes; the soccer tipster support available for these bets helps increase confidence while betting.

What Betting Strategies Serve Better In Scoring Maximum Wins?

Betting is a game of strategy and planning; luck supplements your knowledge in this feat. The bettors can do better for their winning records if they move forward while keeping specific strategies in mind. Some proven strategies include:

  • Search for low-cost odds: Bookmakers put those odds at low cost where the chances of winning of odds are reasonably high. Since the betting outcomes are likely to be the same as mentioned in odd, the chances of winning increase.
  • Search for low competition bets: Low competition bets are not on the radar of most of the bettors. You apply the ‘defy the trend’ rule here. It is assumed that about 60% of the time, the bettors lose their money. By placing a bet on that outcome where people have shown little interest, you choose to go against the trend and pick a higher winning probability.
  • Do homework: Learn how the odd is calculated. All bookmakers select one team as favorite and the other as an underdog. With your homework, you can ascertain whether their decision is correct or not. Mostly, the football betting tips site follows their homework and suggests those betting sites proposing the bet that matches their research.

Which Tournaments Offer Higher Chances Of Winning A Draw Bet?

Apart from weighing the teams’ strength against one another, the bettors can pick those tournaments where the draw match percentage is pretty sizable. Some of the tournaments where draw possibilities are more than 20-25% are:

  • India Super League
  • Egypt Super League
  • France National
  • Italy Serie B
  • France Ligue 2

In addition to tournaments, analyze the teams’ positions in the points table. If the teams belong to the table’s middle positions, there are high chances of matches between them settling in a draw. If the teams are happy to share a point to meet their objectives in a tournament, they may not show much fight. Matches with low score possibility are also headed to a draw mostly.

To Sum Up

When you want to know the trick to win a football bet every time, you need to be thorough with the game, betting principles, etc. Also, you must follow news related to matches and teams. Indulging in live betting is also a good idea because the bet arises from the latest situation brewing on the turf and is most likely to hold true.

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